Thursday, July 26, 2007

pardon me

Hehehe...i just can't help it. Take no offense after reading this post. I saw a girl with the hair like a lawyer's wig. So unnatural & very stiff. Okay, maybe she spent a large amount of money to get that hairstyle but her hair stylist is very not pro. I wouldn't want to get my hair done in the same hair saloon & ended up looking like this:

where is the love

How can mothers kill & abuse their own flesh and blood? First there was a news about a lady who lodged false police report on the disappearance of her daughter. In the end, it turned out to be that her bf killed her daughter and she wanted to cover up for her bf?!?! Today, there is a news about an 18-yr-old girl who is suspected to abuse & killed her own kid. What is happening to the world now? Where is the love??

stay strong

Being half sick now, i have yet to visit my ah kong in the hospital after he was admitted. Sis told me there are a few pipes attached to his body, one to his lungs, one thru his nose & another for him to urine. He cannot eat solid food yet, so the doc gave him drip. I imagine the sight of my ah kong & it must be a real pitiful sight. Just imagine, once upon a time ago, he could still send me to my kindy on his bike. When i threw tantrum, he would fetch me to the grocery shop to get some bubble gums, on his bike. But now, he is so weak & i'm not sure whether he is in pain or not. I pray that his suffering would end soon without the chemo treatment as suggested by the doc. May he leaves us peaceful without any pain or suffering.

respect , please.

Some people can really assume things and make their assumptions as if it's very true based on their "logic" explanation & example. I hate it when i meet this kind of people. So stubborn & so unbearable. Try to accept people's opinion, digest and arrange your words before allowing them to flow out from your mouth automatically. Dun fend off people on the spot. Listen to them with an open mind. Dun shut your mind and look at the person in front of you like they're clowns.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

grandpa's health

My grandpa was admitted into the hospital on Tues due to lungs problem. It was not something new or suprising as two years ago, he was being diagnosed to have lung cancer. Doctor suggested to perform operation for grandpa but dad objected as he was already 80yrs old then. Now at the age of 88, despite having 3rd stage lung cancer, he is still very strong but with weak legs. He acts like a child all the time, like refusing to eat and bathe all the times. Yesterday, the nurses from the hospital called my dad saying that grandpa was hitting everybody who wanted touched him. So the nurses had to tied up his hands to prevent all the hitting. He does karate with the maid at home too when she forced him to eat or drink. Dad says his condition is stable but critical now. We should all be prepared for the worst.

paid post marathon

I'm back on track on writing paid posts, that's visible at my every blogs. Reading other people's blogs and on how they earn so much has inspired me to continue updating my blogs with paid posts. Although i cannot seem to get have any chance in PPP, at least SR, RM & Blogitive are being so kind to me :P

Hmm...dunno how long will i take to touch USD1K? Lilian's target is to touch at least $1K per month....for PPP alone. I think i have a long long way to go to be like her. Hey, she had accumulated $10K+ from PPP leh. My idol.

Monday, July 23, 2007

my senile grandpa

My paternal grandpa is driving everybody to the ceiling. He spits, he urines, he scolds bad name it. At the age of 88, he is still very strong although his feet are weakening now. Whenever it comes to meal time, he'll be so hard to handle. You feed him, he will refuse to eat. You let him feed himself, he will just scoop bit by bit & takes 1hour to finish his meal. Once the maid lost patience with him & slapped him on the cheeks, however, luck was not on her side as grandpa could remember and complained the incident to dad. You just dunno when he will be sane & senile. Parents are having hard time attending to him and i wonder how long more parents have to suffer......

Annalakshmi Temple of Fine Arts, Penang

Last Saturday i had the chance to follow parents for FREE vegetarian food at Annalakshmi Temple of Fine Arts. It's situated at 1 Babington Avenue, somewhere near the prison and operated by a group of indian volunteers. Cannot deny that the place is well maintained and very clean unlike some other restaurants. You need to take off your shoes before entering the patio-like makan place with nice garden & good lighting. The meal is buffet-like, which means you can help yourself with several rounds including drinks like mango lassi. Variety curry, roti naan, pasembur & desserts. Mum went there several times during lunch but the food is better during dinner according to her, especially on Friday & Saturday. There is no menu & price list, and you pay from your heart, as much as you want by the end of the meal. If you cannot afford to donate after the meal, they're also okay with it since the initial plan is to cater for homeless & poor people. We did enjoy the food, however i have difficulty in finishing the mango lassi. Too thick and sweet. The staff are very friendly, that's for sure. Go and try the food if you have the chance. Remember, donate generously by the end of the meal :)

Open Hours: 11:30a-2:30p & 6p-9:30p Th-Tu
Open Hours: 6.30p-9p Fri-Sat

Friday, July 20, 2007

i'm turning into incredible hulk

My gassy stomach is making me very mang chang. I bought some preserved ginger but it didn't help much. Coated with sugar & making me more jelak. While surfing the net, saw this "Carbonated water - It encourages belching to relieve the gas". I'm not so sure whether i give Coke a try then. Dunno whether it will make my tummy condition worse or not. Maybe i'll just wait till i get home for some chinese medicine.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have a sudden crave for laksa now *slurp*. Just pinged my sis to join me at the cafeteria later. I hope i'm not too late cos the laksa in our cafeteria is always selling fast. Even at my place i can smell the aroma of the soup. Dunno can ask for tambah mee or not? I'm a glutton :P

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Mum just called asking all of us to go home for dinner after my marching session. I've decided to continue my marching practice after skipping 3 sessions in a row. Health comes first. I was attacked (still am) by severe headache & stomachache since last week. Took half day off on Friday & i feel like taking off again today. Head is killing me & i just cannot part with my medicated oil. How i wish the headache will be gone soon........

Ipoh here i come

I'm going to watch Summer Concert in Ipoh this coming 11 August. Anybody care to join me? You must be thinking what the hell i'm thinking to go all the way to Ipoh to watch a concert at Padang Ipoh. It will be so crowded & hot & you cannot see anything if you get there too late. Might as well spend the time sitting in front of the tv watching live telecast, rite? Unfortunately, i have to become 24-7 sis to my youngest sis. Mum didn't allow her to go to the concert with her coursemates whom are mostly boys since she is in engineering course. Cannot blame mum partly cos she is paranoid of letting sis follow a group of boys to places far from Penang. Yup, Ipoh is consider far. So i have to save the world by offering to drive her all the way there and back. How nice to have a sis like, don't you agree? ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

my ah kong & ah ma

My almost 90-yr-old paternal ah kong suddenly remembered the names of his son-in-laws & daughters now. Not only that, he also remembers who used to be his neighbour in Guar Chempedak. Is time for him to bid good-bye to us? 2 years ago, ah ma left us suddenly, 3 days after we celebrated her 74th bday or was it 75th? Not too sure. I only remembered her age when she was 63. It was on Tues morning where mum called us to inform us of her death and that dad was fetching her from KL to be buried in SP, just as she wished. It was the first death in our family. My ah kong went senile after the funeral partly cos he has lost direction in his life. Ah ma used to do everything for him when she was alive. A few months before ah ma died, ah kong was very ill and he forgot everybody and kept saying nonsense thing like the dead were at the front gate. At that time, we thought he was going to leave us already. So ah ma wanted to buy a space for burial for both of them. However, he got better & now we know that whatever ah ma had prepared for him, she was the first to use it. Sad huh? Nobdy could accept her death including ah kong. He was crying non-stop while looking at ah ma in the coffin on the day of her burial. True love never dies.

International Musical Fireworks Competition in Aug

Fireworks & fire crackers are banned during all the festive seasons such as CNY & Deepavali. Anybody who is found guilty will be fined RM100. This year CNY was very quiet in my neighborhood. Nobody dare to play with fireworks due to the warning. Even on the 9th day of CNY, where Chinese will pray to the Heavenly God, there was no sign of fireworks anywhere. Sad isn't it?

But in today's papers, Malaysia will be the host the biggest International Musical Fireworks Competition in the world in conjunction with the country’s 50th national day celebration. There will be musical fireworks too. Malaysian fireworks team will compete with Italian fireworks team. How contradict! We’re not allowed to touch fireworks on festive season, but now they are holding international fireworks competition.

I wonder are there any fireworks during Bon Ondori??

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

why Sultan Kedah had to walk (jalan) for 2 km - post mortem

The Tai Chi masters are at work now following the serious congestion at Stadium Negeri Batu Kawan.

Complaints received (extracted from The Star, 3July):
- Batu Kawan residents only managed to return home at 4am.
- Ah Yen seafood Restaurant has no customers
- Wedding reception cancelled as bride & groom were stuck at Bukit Tambun toll

Quotes from the VIPs (extracted from The Star, 3July):
- Organizers should have made alternatives transport arrangement, Penang Traffic Management Committee chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan.
- Big events always jammed the road but nothing close to last saturday, Kampung Batu Kawan village development and security com-mittee chairman Aziz Wan Chik
- Many spectators left their car in the middle of the road, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Rashid Abdullah
- *speechless*, Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Koh Hong Sun

Will the second Penang Bridge will solve the problem we're facing with existing bridge or will it cause another problem for the residents at Batu Kawan?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Jenni Homemade Cakes

Nice or not the cake? This pic was taken during my ah kong's birthday a few months back. My aunt was out of idea on where to order a bday cake for ah kong. He doesn't like thick icing or cheese cake. Initially, my aunt ordered a durian cake from a cafe at Gurney Plaza, however, they failed to deliver on time. So her friend recommended her Chocolate Cake from Jenni Homemade Cakes. This time, she ordered something different. The cake was a Chocolate Cake but in the shape of a Lotus. Nice? A bit pricey though, RM90 for a cake, but Secret Recipe is charging RM60+ per cake :P

Something different huh?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Stadium Batu Kawan - newspapers & blog extracts

Read more on how we got into the jam & escaped.

Ministry of Penang only apologized to the VVIPs, how about us who got stuck in the jam innocently??

Extract from newspapers:

The organisers had totally underestimated the volume of traffic which resulted in a massive traffic jam on the sole road leading to the stadium. (The Star, 1 July)

It left thousands, including dignitaries – the Sultan of Kedah and the Mentri Besar of Perlis – stranded in the congestion that had begun four hours before kickoff. The situation was so bad that frustrated drivers left their cars in the middle of the road and proceeded to make the final 2km journey to the stadium on foot. (The Star, 1 July)

The Penang state government is sorry that the Sultan of Kedah had to leave his car and walk to the State Stadium in Batu Kawan to watch the FA Cup final on Saturday night. (The Star, 2 July)

Dr Koh said the state regretted the bad traffic jam, which only cleared at about 5am yesterday. “We are in the process of reviewing the traffic control and parking system to come up with a more effective and innovative one for the future when there is another crowd-pulling match at the stadium,” he said. (The Star, 2 July)

Menurutnya, beliau (Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon) juga hampir terperangkap dalam kesesakan itu tetapi berjaya mengelak selepas pegawai Persatuan Bolasepak Pulau Pinang (FAP) menasihatinya supaya membatalkan hasratnya ke stadium itu. (KedahLanie, 1July)

....,Sultan Kedah, Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah terpaksa berjalan kaki sejauh dua kilometer untuk ke Stadium Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang . Pemangku Raja Perlis, Tuanku Syed Faizzudin Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail pula terpaksa membonceng motosikal polis untuk ke stadium tersebut ekoran kesesakan yang amat teruk bermula sejak pukul 4.30 petang lagi. (KedahLanie, 2 July)

Trapped in a chaos at Stadium Negeri Batu Kawan

I just need to blog about how i spent my Saturday night with in-laws & hubby. At almost 7pm, we left the house to take dinner at Ah Yan Seafood at Batu Kawan. The journey was supposed to be 30mins or so. While on the way before turning into NorthSouth Highway, we saw a long jam. Thinking it could be the jam to Autocity for the Malaysia 50years concert celebration, we continued to join the queue until we realised it was actually a very long queue to Tambun toll. That time it was already too late as we passed the turning into Juru Autocity. Hubby continued to drive calmly. On both side of our cars, we saw a lot of Malay guys with green & yellow shirts. Oh my god, there will be a football match in Stadium Negeri Batu Kawan. We're trapped in the jam & it was already 8.30pm+. Fortunately, the jam disappeared when we reached the Tambun toll. Thinking that the worst was over, we continued our journey to the seafood restaurant. Arghhh...that was a very BAD move. Once we turned our car into the road heading to the seafood (and stadium), the jam began again. From a 2-way road, those irresponsible Gila Bola drivers drove like maniacs along the opposite road too. We were trapped like for about an hour & it was already 9pm+. Those Gila Bola idiots around us started to get anxious as the stadium is another 2km away. I was joking with hubby, as long as they dun leave their cars on the street, it wouldn't be a big problem for us.

After that, we saw some vehicles coming towards the opposite lane where some idiots just dun want to budge their vehicles to make way. All of a sudden, the car in front of us, swerved in front of the bus coming from opposite direction, parked his damn car, locked & walked to join the crowd who were on the way to the stadium.

This was not the worse part. Suddenly, everybody started to get off from their cars, locked & walked off like nobody's business, including the car right in front of us!! Hubby honked the idiot, but that idiot just made some hand signal and walked off with his skeleton partner. Seeing that, another idiot whose car was on our right did the same thing. In just a few moment, those who were left stranded were people who were heading for dinner & coming back from prayers.

(picture from The Star)

In-laws started to get kin cheong & hungry. I was frustrated and wanted to dial 999. Hubby said no use. Nobody can get us out of there except coppers. So all of us got out from the car, cursing those idiots in green & yellow. Hubby tried to call his fren for help, no coverage. Double dang. Finally after a few tries, he managed to reach his frens & to borrow a car from his fren for bro-in-law to fetch in-laws to eat & home. I volunteered to stay with the car in case they find a way out. No worries as there were so many people with me. Angry people.

While hubby was away, i was having fun talking to the angry people including a malay lady from perlis & a group of indians who were on their way to visit their parents. The indian lady called 999 thrice & the operator ensured her that all traffic police were already dispatched to Batu Kawan to resolve the problem. What a joke, we only saw one police officer walking up and down the street finding solution. The funny thing was, the police officer showed up and asked us where were all the drivers, AFTER the idiots stranded their cars. THen he wanted to summon 2 cars who were blocking the way, in fact there were more than 50+ cars down the road. Funny isn't it? We started throwing him questions after he said that, they underestimated the crowd. Stadium’s capacity is 37,000 but more than 50,000 people turned up. Bullshit! How are they going to continue with the 2nd Link to Penang if they underestimated the congestion now?

Finally, the same police officer told us there was another escape route thru the palm oil estate to Simpang Ampat. Usual day, we would definitely dismiss the idea of going along the small alley with no lights. But everybody jumped into their own cars & started to divert to the small alley to escape. Luckily hubby ran back just in time & off we drove to escape the stupid jam. What a good experience! We escaped the jam at 11pm+. But i pity those innocent drivers who only managed to get out from the jam at 5am!!!

Some newspapers & blog extracts.