Wednesday, June 27, 2007

my new friend

I just meet a new fren, Dan ( Nuffnang Gathering, Orient's Voice. Talking face-to-face with him is very different than talking online with him. So cheeky until i beh tahan. But luckily i've received lots of training talking to someone like him :p

Yesterday, i was just joking with my fake paypal account id & he really took it seriously and sent me USD4...hahaha :P For modelling for him, cehhhh.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon - Conclusion

When the guards opened the gate, i rushed out and found my way to the front, 5 lines away from starting point. Was afraid i would be left behind if i stay behind. Right next to me were 2 chinese ladies. One of them was telling her friend, those who stand at the beginning of the line usually cannot run and block those who can run like that herself. So arrogant ler. When the siren went off, i jogged a little and stayed on the side of the road. I didn't want to block anybody :P Everybody was rushing forward like mad cows and yet i continued to job slowly. My stamina is limited & i cannot jog long distance. When i was almost near the bridge, i started to walk. From the starting point to the middle of the bridge, i only took 30mins. Still very steady. Grabbed myself a cup of mineral water, took a sip and threw away the cup. FIL mentioned that you cannot drink too much while in a marathon, i took his advice seriously. While walking, suddenly i had difficulties in breathing. My left lung was aching so hard that i had to put the medicated oil sponsored by MIL. After a while, my right lung gave problem again, very troublesome. To my surprise i saw a girl running back on the opposite direction already...So fast!! (The first runner's time was 1h27mins). At 6.30am, i reached the other side of the bridge & took my second wrist band. My foot was aching & i had to stop for plaster. When i stopped for plaster, i could hardly stand still and had to hold on to the St. John officer while he put on plasters on my blister. Then i continued to walk. Overheard 2 guys talking behind me "Takkan we cannot complete the bridge in an hour" That time was already 7am and i was almost reaching the middle of the bridge. I saw 4 red lights at the middle of the bridge. Good, i should be able to reach there by 7.30am & complete the marathon before 8am easily. Unfortunately, so near yet so far, like what FIL said. You can see the bridge towers, but you can never reach them. The distance between one lamp post to another is so far & even the white stripes on the road seemed far at that time. Finally, i managed to get to the middle of the bridge by 7.35am. Not bad also. Manatau.....i saw that i still have long journey ahead when i saw a big crowd in white in front of me. That very moment, i felt like giving up. I continued to walk towards the end of the bridge but it seemed impossible to reach. My legs were giving up on me, my stamina had reached its limit, the pain in my lungs came back & i was thirsty. Had to dragged my legs & my speed went down drastically. By the time i reached the curve to USM, it was already 7.45am+. I had to chant "Ribena ais" & "dun give up". Yeah ler, i was really very thirsty cos there was not enough drink on the bridge & they didn't provide isotonic drinks this time, lousy.

Finally, i saw the signboard by Celcom - "1KM to go". So happy but i just couldn't walk anymore, i stopped a while, walked, stopped & walked until i saw USM. Hubby came over from nowhere & told me "good job". Wanted to cry already at that time cos it was really very difficult to continue. My legs cramped too. I walked slowly into USM and to the finish line. Nobody was at the ending line. Luckily i waited for a while, to ask for my cert as i saw a girll holding a stack of cert. A guy came over & passed me my medal & asked the girl to pass me the cert. I was already very happy to get the cert & even happier when the guy passed me the medal. I couldn't believe that i got a medal!! So syiok but yet so tired.

In-laws were very shocked that i managed to complete the bridge marathon; even hubby was surprised and proud. Little did they know, i was also very surprised myself. Not bad huh? But no more next time, please. This will be the first & last Penang bridge marathon for me, ever. I'm getting a pair of new shoes from FIL. He underestimated me & bet with me that if i ever get a medal from the marathon, he will give me a pair of shoes :P

Our certs & medals (hubby's & mine). Nice or not??

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Penang Bridge Marathon - Part 2

Part 2
We stayed overnight as mum's place a night before the Penang Bridge marathon since we needed to wake up very early. Went to sleep at 10pm but it was so noisy cos the people nearby set up a stage show in conjunction with an ang kong's bday. So noisy we had to force ourselves to sleep. By the time the alarm went off at 2.30am, it was like i didn't sleep at all. Mum prepared breakfast & chicken essence for both of us. We took off on bike at 3am. Took a very big round due to roadblocks & traffic jams all over. Finally managed to find a parking space right in front of the traffic lights near E-Park, so far.

Hubby went to join his categories, while i walked alone to register at the school opposite. A few days before that, he asked me whether i need to find a companion or not, i said no. It's much easier to walk alone than to wait for other people. While waiting in the school compound, i made friends with 3 aunties from Ipoh. Two of them are in early 40s while the other one is 60+. 2 of them trained themselves by jogging 6-10km, 4 times a week. The 60-yr-old auntie had a record of completing the bridge around 3hours++. They asked me back how long did i train. Die lor. I lied to them by saying 4km for a few days in one week. I'm going to hell. In fact, all i did was, jogged 4 km on 4 separate days, THAT'S ALL! The aunties were shocked, they asked me how am i going to complete the marathon without more training. My face went pale. My face went paler when i saw the large group of guys outside the school. After the guys were gone, the guards let us out from the school. I met up with a Malay lady from my company. I asked her how's her training, she replied 2hours everyday. Heart was pounding very hard after hearing her statement. Did i complete the marathon, you may ask.

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new comer

This is the latest addition to our house. A gem tree which i got from House of Ju Bao at Queensbay Mall last Friday after my facial. This shop is having great sale where most of the items are at 50% discount, including this gem tree. We saw a few colors which we cannot decide on which to get, so finally we ended up buying a multicolor tree, for overall purpose.

Purple - relationship
Yellow - wealth
White - luck
Orange - peace & calmness

I cannot remember the rest of the colors :P By the way, i got mum the orange tree, she needs that.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon (Half) - Part 1

Part 1
Believe it or not, i'm participating in Penang Bridge Marathon. I cannot believe it myself.

Hubby and i are participating in Half Marathon (Starting from Sek. Keb. Sg. Gelugor, on the Penang Bridge , u - turn Prai Toll Plaza , on the Penang Bridge and finishing at USM). He didn't tell me there are a few categories like full-marathon, a half-marathon, a quarter-marathon and a Fun Run. I would have opt for quarter-marathon or Fun Run !@%$#%$#!!!!! He said Fun Run are for kids not for sportsman like him. Ceh, i'm dun have enough stamina cannot ar? 22.3km, dun play play. I wonder will i be able to complete the marathon or will i be fetched away from the bridge by bus at 9am :P

Have to register by 3am, which means i have to wake up at 2am on Sunday morning. Which also means no need to sleep on Saturday night. Can die already.

wake up 2am on sunday morning = zombie on Monday :(

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

siew ba chang

It's dumpling festival now. MIL made 40+ bachang and i guess she is going to distribute most of them to her friends. Before that, she reserved 8 ba chang for my mum too since mum praised her bachang last 2 years. I love bachang a lot but not those with fatty meat. Last Sunday, AEC channel showed a show hosted by Jason where he intros good food all over Msia. This week, he intro-ed a RM198 bachang with expensive ingredients such as scallops, abalone, sharkfins and all other expensive stuff. I wonder how nice will it be and who is going to spend RM198 for a bachang. It's such a waste to put all those expensive ingredients in a bachang. Should boil them in soup or cook them in porridge :P

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I went to cari pasal with my sis just now. Not trying to show power or create trouble or due to jealousy. I just cannot stand it when she does thing without informing us before hand. Not that we want to control her or anything. But she is practicing double standard & that's very OBVIOUS. I'm not the only one who commented on this. She only listens to one person & even if you try to tell her stuff, she already shut her mind off, just like mum.

Yesterday, we all decided to go for dinner before her bf said he had to leave. In just a blink of an eye, she was also in his car too. So off they went to who knows where. When it was almost dinner time, she sms-ed us saying she wouldn't join us for dinner. I, of cos got irritated & demanded for an answer. His mum cooked. Hey, we organized dinner first before she jumped into his car and now she told me that they've already planned to have dinner with his mum earlier?!?!! And cos she dun want to splash cold water, so she sms-ed us at the very last minute. What a stupid reason! So you tell me, am i being bossy or she being secretive with her action? And this is not the only thing she does. Better still, both of them didn't even mention about his mum cooking in the first place when mum asked how come he is leaving so soon........

war is over

Mum & i are on good term again. I refused to talk to her for 2 weeks or so since that incident which i'm not going to repeat here. She went back to her old self & complained about grandpa & maid again. Then she talked about her dad (my maternal grandpa) and all the stuff which i've missed out. Talking about that, i just remember we ta pao red bean soup from her place yesterday, dessert for tonight.

apt second inspection

We went to inspect my apartment for the second time. Unfortunately, i'm not able to get my keys yet. There were still unrepaired defects in my apartment & needed touch up too. I'm still not comfortable with the toilet & bathroom. Urgh!! Made a complaint to the management office & they only promised to see what they can do about it. Damn it. Just repair ler. I want to rent it out as soon as possible. We also went to survey the price for all the grillings & bird cage to be installed in my apartment. At least RM3K for the whole grillings thingy. So expensive. Hopefully i'll get a good tenant.

The bad news is, the extra carpark is not for sale yet. It's quite expensive though, RM12K-15K. You think i can earn 50% thru blogging? Yes, i'm dreaming.