Monday, April 27, 2009

ASM & ASW 2020 craze

I joined in the craze of buying ASM last week. Fortunately, i was early and by the time i dropped hubby at the airport and reached Batu Maung post office, it was only 7.20am. I waited in the car for like an hour before the post office opened the main gate and was only attended by the officer at around 8.45am. Managed to open ASM account for khye easily and reached office around 9.15am. Surprisingly, there are so many people walking into the office at that time, and i thought our flexi working hour is from 8-8.30am.

This morning, we reached the Butterworth post office much later, around 8am. There was already 11people queueing up in front of us. Iskh!! I cannot stop blaming hubby on that. The main door was opened at 8.30am sharp and we got no. 11 & 12. Only one counter was available for new account application cos "tak cukup kakitangan". Konon lar. So it took about approx. 12mins per account and by the time we finished our transactions, it was already 9.30am. Hubby sped all the way to office and reached by 10am. We created a sejarah for ourselves for arriving at that time. My colls who went to Batu Maung office came back to office empty handed cos the online system was down. They told me the people queueing in front of them were cheating cos they took extra numbers for their friends who are on the way. So instead of getting 20-something number, my colls got 60-something number. Bad isn't it. It was a good thing, hubby suggested we go to the one near our place. The gang didn't want to give up and tried their luck again during lunch time. Unfortunately the 2billions ASW 2020 was snapped up right before 12pm, barely 3 hours after launched. Scary. Either there are a lot of rich people out there or people are using backdoor concept.