Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Finally our new gadgets arrived at 12.30pm today. The first gadget i would like to introduce is our Ogawa mini massager. Small and handy but i dun find the vibration any useful. It's free so no complaint. Our second gadget is the thing which i've been wanting to get since long ago. I don't think i will but it's quite pricey. And i dun think i'll use it very often since it's so bulky. Now i get it for free too.

The highlight of the day, which is not free - our home latest addition - Ogawa Sensual Spa Massage Chair. It's smaller than the size of our single sofa but the weighs around 80kg. We spent the whole of last night moving our furniture around to find the suitable space for this giant chair. Hubby was not very satisfied the new arrangement of our living room but there is no other suitable arrangement, unless we threw away some sofas :P When the chair finally arrived and i managed to ask the servicemen to re-arrange our furniture which is back to their original places despite the effort spent last night. We wanted a brown one initially but it was out of stock and it takes 45days for them to replenish their stock. Finally, we settled with a grey one, not too bad huh. Hopefully no more backache after today =) The reason why we didn't choose an Osim massage chair is they are way too pricey & if we want to have all the functions of the one we bought, we have to get 3 different type of Osim massage chairs. As long as the chair comes with a warranty and good service, who cares??

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it starts with an "O"

Last Sunday, hubby left me for my facial at Jusco before he went for his badminton practice. The only time i get time off for facial is when Khye's at mum's place. When i passed the atrium, i saw Ogawa was having road show...hmmm...... I was quite proud of myself this time as i didn't sign up for any additional facial program or bought any product at all. Well, i added RM35 for eye massage which i needed badly due to sleep deprivation since 3 weeks ago. Khye is teething and 3 of us were lack of sleep. Terrible. Anyway, i will be on leave tomorrow, to have a whole day of good rest before Khye returns. And also to wait for something that starts with an "O" to arrive =)

Will update again tomorrow ;)