Tuesday, April 2, 2013

riding home

Yesterday was "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah." Husband had to send his bike for repair and service over the weekend. So we had to ride the mini scooter to work. After lunch, he pinged me that the orange bike is ready and either we take on the next day, which means i have to drive all the way to work and stuck in the stupid jam OR he rides on the big bike while i follow him with the scooter. Sounds like a plan. So off we went for the second option.....bad choice!
While we were on the way to the bike shop, the sky started to get dark. Damn! Of all days, yesterday was the day we did not bring our raincoats due to the box key was attached to the orange bike key which was passed to the mechanic at the bike shop. And even if we were to ride home straight, we would still be caught in the rain and get wet. We proceeded with our initial plan, to ride home on 2 bikes. I was a bit worried with my riding skill, esp we had to ride in the rain & it's a scooter!
Before going up the bridge, i was tailing husband very closely. He turned left, i turned left. He braked, i braked. Until when we're on the bridge, he asked me to go first while he followed closely from behind. It was raining cats & dogs, fish & frogs. I was very nervous yet excited. Surprisingly, i did not feel too cold. Could it be me being over excited or the weather was still hot though it was raining. Anyway, we reached home safely in about an hour or so. I proudly announced to husband that i'm fit to ride on the scooter to work myself. Then, he spilled the beans.....it was him who followed me behind while fending off the other bikers who were trying to overtake my bike!! Owwww...so sweet huh!