Sunday, September 30, 2007

pre-travel prep

On Saturday, i brought over all my winter clothings and apparels for parents since they're going on trip next week. We even showed them our Beijing dvd so that they know what to expect while they are there. This is going to be the first time for parents to travel on plane for 6 hours, dad gets very excited. I really like to fly with SQ as the service are so much better and cos they serve unlimited food & beverages. Maybe i've yet to try other airlines :P

Thursday, September 27, 2007

japanese food for every meals

Lunch was very very nice today. Got a treat from ah kim for my bday. I think this will be the last treat for my birthday this year. Went to Sakae and she took a lot of sushi from the conveyor belt. I was like eating non-stop but enjoying myself only. The food was good, and i had unagi rice. I just love Japanese food, excluding raw food. No sashimi, no oyster, no salmon sushi for me. Tobiko is my only favourite. How i wish to go to Sakae again or maybe Soba Yoshi :D

hassle hassle

Parents are finally going to Beijing next month after such a long wait. It was a havoc yesterday before they finally decided on going. The problem was different tour agency staff gave different price with the different between RM50 & RM100. If i were them and i'm eager to go on trip, i wouldn't mind paying extra RM50 or RM100 for a ticket. Dun care about what principle or what price difference. Unless you're not 100% sure you want to go on that trip. They said they're not keen to go on trip so they were not willing to pay extra money. Yeah rite! Not keen? Bullshit lar. Finally, they got the satisfactory price, paid deposit and went home happily. So who is not keen to go one trip?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

easily satisfied

I've just completed a number of opps for this month which will contribute approx RM500 to my bank account. Although it's not in USD, but i'm still satisfied with the amount. Averagely, i've been earning that figure every month. Not too good but i'm still happy with it =D

Monday, September 24, 2007

i love the moon

Mooncake festival falls on tomorrow, which coincide with my birthday. I think this is the first time in 26 years. Something like DeepaRaya & KongsiRaya kind of celebration. So mum asked me out for dinner since i'll be delivering the mooncake for her. Hua, i have good food luck this whole month. Haven't stopped eating since the buffet at Rasa Sayang. Could it becos it's my bday month, that's why? :P :P

mum wants to know about my blog

Uh-oh, mum wants to read my blog, sis told me that. Maybe it's due to me telling her how much i earn occassionally so she is interested to read what i write. Or izzit becos she is more interested to read my "life journal"? Nevermind ler, i have written more than 100 posts, she is going to spend a lot of time reading :P If she has the time lar.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

can't wait

I can't wait to know the gender of baby-T. Will i get a Minnie or a Mickey in the end? Is baby-T healthy & normal? Who will baby-T looks like? I have so many questions in my mind and some will only be answered next year. I just can't wait.

heavy heavy

Headache is back, headache is back. All cos i refused to eat when i went hungry just now. It's not good to go against your tummy and i know that. Just that i want to control my weight a bit better i visit the doc tomorrow. Hopefully i dun get too fat and heavy.

5-taste porridge

There was once i cooked 5-taste porridge for poor hubby. It was supposed to be bak mooi with some "kee chee". Let me break down the 5 taste:

sweet - sweetness from meat
salty - too much soya sauce
sour - kee chee
spicy - too much pepper to cover the sour taste
bitter - i have no idea why hubby said bitter taste lingered in his mouth after each spoonful.

what's for dinner

I forgot what i had for lunch but i'm longing to know what's for dinner. Yesterday mum cooked fish head curry but it didn't turn out too good. But at least better than my own cooking. The only person i love to cook to is hubby. No complain from him even the dishes i cook dun taste the way they should be :p

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

crab crab crab

Oh my, not again. I have crave for crabs again. Crab cooked in spicy sauce with lots of eggs. I'm drooling again. I just can't help thinking about the sweetness of hot crab meat with egg. Arghh...i'm getting too tam ciak now. Hubby will get a few crabs for me this weekend :D Just can't wait :P

i dunno, i dun care

It has been long since i said these phrase "i dunno, i dun care" or "i dun want to know, i dun want to care". Wow, that's my motto in life last time. As long as you dun step on my tail, i'll ignore the things you do. But if you do, go ahead and beg for mercy, i will not let you go so easily.

i want coffee

Tummy has not healed properly yet. I just hope everything will be fine until i deliver next year. There are people who have early delivery and some on time. I want to be the later. Today, i'm just not myself. I get pissed off easily partly due to me being tired & sleepy. A cup of nescafe will wake me up but i have to put that thought a side. Dun want to eat anything that will harm my baby.

i dun like your music

Spread the music, spread the love. That's what i'm experiencing now. Some people just don't like the idea of listening music using headphones. C'mon, the songs you're listening may not be suitable to everybody sitting near you. Use the headphones for godness sake. Don't assume that people are not disturbed with the music that you put aloud, alrite? People are just tolerating with you. So just use the stupid headphones!


I'm feeling so tired this morning, dunno why. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night yesterday and i slept like a baby until the alarm clock went off. Why on earth am i still feeling worn out? Perhaps it's due to getting home late from mum's place yesterday.

leaving early today

I'm going real soon since we'll be going over to mum's place for dinner. Will not be waiting for hubby since he has visitors this week. I think i'm going to be stranded at mum's place until wat time, i dun want to think about it. As long as there is good food waiting for me, i wouldn't mind waiting at mum's place :P

do you teh a lot?

I want to eat grilled crab! I want to eat grilled crab! I dunno why but i could imagine the taste of grilled crab in my mouth. Pregnancy is not only driving me crazy, i think my dearest hubby is going crazy too. I complain a lot, i talk a lot, i mang chang a lot. But sometimes i think i just want more attention from hubby. Want to teh him kao kao.

movement in my tummy

I can feel movement in my tummy now and it's only 4th month. Is it real that you can feel your baby moving in your tummy at 15weeks onwards? Does it feel like stomach cramp? I dunno how to explain the pain but the pain is there, on and off. My fren told me it's normal cos you really can feel the movement when you're into 2nd trisemester. Strange huh?


My tummy is upset again. I have no idea what i've eaten to cause such pain. Hope nothing is wrong with my baby. Finally decided to give Dr.Q a call to fix an appointment. Stupid me, i didn't know i can walk in at anytime except Monday & Thurs. Will be visiting him for the first time this Friday. Hopefully he is a kind doc & not a leech.

food bribery again

Mum gave me a call so early in the morning asking me whether i'll be over at her place tonight. I asked her what's up and as long as she is cooking something nice, i'll be there tonight. She's cooking fish head curry for dinner tonight. Yippeee...good food again tonight :D

Monday, September 17, 2007

chaos on sunday

Last 2 weeks, we were woken up by the sound of people banging on the wall next door. It was 9am on Sunday morning. The only day where we usually sleep until 10am+ if not 11am+. Apparently they were trying to fix the curtain railings for the whole house. Iskh!! Can't they just drill it?? Wait a second. It's SUNDAY and rest day for everybody. You're not supposed to do any renovation or drilling, it's an unwritten rule. If you're staying in an apartment, you'll be fined & warned. Finally, they were enlightened and started to drill and it continued until 10pm, on SUNDAY night. Don't you just wish to have neighbour like ours?

confinement home search

Last weekend was spent surveying confinement home with hubby & mil. It was again pouring like mad and my new Scholl shoes were half soaked. The thought of having to stay in a confinement home for 30days really freak me out. Just like staying in VIP prison with people serving you food in the room instead of having to eat in one common area. If i have the choice, i would prefer to do confinement either at home or my mum's place. At least i feel more at home that way :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

5.5months more to go

When i first knew i was pregnant, i was delighted and was waiting anxiously for the morning sickness symptoms. Being a mother is tough but i told myself repeatedly that i was going to enjoy the journey of becoming a mother. I was so damn wrong about it. With feeling vomitish and headache all the time, i sort of regretted it so much. I'm just ranting now. I thought i was ready for all the obstacles but i was so wrong. With headache comes and goes all the time, i'm not being myself anymore. 3-seaters sofa belongs to me at all time. Although i enjoy the special treatment by hubby but i would enjoy it more if i dun feel vomitish on and off. You'll never know when you'll get gassy tummy, headache, vomitish, fatigue & tired all the time. All these are making me a lazy bump. When all come to visit me at once, i rather take sleeping pills and sleep whole day long without waking up to endure the suffering. Please give me a break.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

believe it or not

MIL just told us an accident which nearly claim the life of her friend's son. The friend's son was on the way to refill fuel for his motorbike when the accident occurred. While riding along the road at 1am ( i have no idea why he has to refill fuel on the very same day), he encountered with a hideous creature beside the road. So what happened to the son? Of cos he was terrified and ended up knocking into the lamp post on the road divider, causing his lips to tear apart & lost a few teeth. He was then rushed to the hospital & received 5-6 stitches on his mouth. When arrived in the hospital, his mum found him shaking so badly in his bad and kept repeating he saw a hideous creature, very scary. In the end, his parents had to ask remedy from a sifu to help him calm down & he was not allowed to leave the house until the Hungry Ghost Festival is over. Scary isn't it?