Thursday, November 29, 2007

which one to get leh

Me hunting for breast pump device. Me headache on which brand to buy. Do i get the expensive & reliable OR cheaper ones? I have no idea how long will i be able to continue on breast feeding, so not sure whether it's wise to get an expensive one or not. If i get a cheaper one, will it cause my breasts to sore? Oh, peningnya.

no nescafe, no wake up

Mil went to Taiwan on Monday, sis is getting married this weekend and i am sleepy today. We went to celebrate mum's birthday yesterday and got home so late. Legs were swollen so didn't dare to stay long in the bathroom. Had a good night sleep but it was not enough as usual. Oh well, sleepy sleepy me again.

Monday, November 26, 2007

say no to food

Aunt stopped me when i came back from lunch and passed me 2 slices of Mexican Fiesta pizza from Pizza Hut. I have "food luck" today, free lunch and free pizza. I'm still bloated from the heavy lunch. My lunch partners were all small-eaters so i vacuumed most of the dishes. Dun talk to me about food today, i might puke to your face. I dread for tomorrow's check up. Doc is going say something about my weight again.


Lunch at Amandari just now was expensive i would say. There were only 6 of us with about 7 dishes and the bill was RM233+. Wow, i think the dishes were just normal. They charged RM40 for a Fried Gouper. At least the environment in the restaurant was nice and quiet. I would not go there for a second time, unless another dept lunch is held there.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

no lip balm wor

Oh no! Oh no! I forgot to get a lip balm for mil just now. Wait a minute, i searched for it but couldn't find any Nivea lip balm. I'm not so sure whether other brands can be trusted cos i've not used them before. Before hubby went to US, i remember i bought one for him but i couldn't find it at home. Must go to our in-house clinic for vaseline instead. Sorry yea.

slow down

After so much rushing and walking at Jusco, i'm starting to feel the effect now. Vomitish and extremely tired. I know i have to walk slower but i couldn't help it when i am kin cheong. Even sis was walking slower than me, shame on me. I know i have to control myself sometimes cos whatever i do will have immediately effect on my baby. Need someone to pinch me when i make mistake or when i forget that i'm pregnant :P

cord blood, yes or no

When i went for my first checkup at LWE, i saw brochure on cord blood bank & how cord blood could help in fighting off diseases like leukemia, bla bla bla. The price was not stated and i heard that even if the cord blood is stored once the child is delivered but the cord blood bank only stores the blood for a period of time. This means, it does expire. After reading in today's newspapers, it was estimated that the charges is RM2.5K-5K per registration with yearly subscription of RM125-250. Wow, that's so expensive. Anyway, we never though of storing our baby's cord blood. Way too expensive and we don’t really bother much about it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

name change in 2011

Read from the papers today that there will be name changes in our malaysian exam.

Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) => Pentaksiran Sekolah Rendah (PSR)

Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) => Pentaksiran Sekolah Menengah Rendah (PSMR)

So, which one do you prefer? I still prefer UPSR & PMR :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I was happily munching on my MARS and i just realised i've just recovered from a bad sore throat yesterday. How could i be so forgetful? Should have watch what i eat today. But i just couldn't resist chocolate just now, was craving for it. Praying the germs will not return tomorrow.

cash to shop

My work is stuck as the system is too slow. I've submitted the requests since before lunch and they are still in progress. What am i supposed to do while waiting for the requests to be completed? Of cos, continue to write more paid posts. Let's see whether i will earn more this month. Afterall, Xmas is coming and i need some cash for my xmas shopping =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

an ordeal

Oh no, my stomachache is back. It's not due to pregnancy, i just hope i dun have to rush to the toilet for the 3rd time. Will be going over to mum's place for dinner tonight and since she has an ordeal for all of us, i'll be spending a night at her place. I wonder why is she so secretive about tonight. Perhaps she to disclose her will tonight? Dream on lar :P

stupid contractor

Siao! Crazy! Gila! Sampat!

I settled the renovation fee about 3 months ago with valid receipt and now the contractor is calling me telling me that i still have outstanding balance of RM550. At first, during my grandpa's funeral, the contractor called me telling me nonsense about oustanding RM50. Now, after a few months later, he called me to inform me about RM550 balance?!?!? Insane. First it was RM50, now RM550. I think they should just hire a new accountant or accounts clerk. I'm too lazy to entertain such people and asked him to call my dad. Let my dad teaches him a lesson. Disturbing me only.

more baby stuff

After knowing the gender of the baby, it kind of ease our shopping. Now we know what to buy and what to look for when we go shopping for baby stuff. Hubby is getting everything in blue, so sian only. We're not going to buy a lot of baby clothes as friend already gave us a few. Afterall, i will be in confinement home for a month and we dun really need so much clothes. Wanted to get a baby bath tub but it was so expensive. So will be getting one from the shops near our house instead. So much things to buy and so many things to think about. So busy!

busy busy

Last weekend was a busy weekend for the both of us. Saturday was spent on island for my monthly routine checkup and for us to know the gender of the baby. It turned out to be a boy ad everybody was so happy. Sunday was spent at home doing the laundry and cleaning the house a bit. I wanted to mop the floor as it's getting very sticky but hubby says no. What if i slip and fall and.... choi choi choi. Finished my house chore at almost 3pm and slept for an hour.

latest addition

Hubby got himself a Phillps Shaver from spore airport on to his business trip. Apparrently, this is the latest model and not yet sold in Penang. I'm not sure myself, but it looks so bulky yet elegant. Good thing is, this shaver comes with a free Phillips toothbrush too. Nice?

things on my dressing table

I was taking the pics of the things we bought for the baby and decided to take pic of my the things on my dressing table. I started using Dermalogica products on Feb this year when i signed up for their full facial package. The products are not bad, at least a lot cheaper than the one that i've been using 3 years ago. But i didn't like the facial as much though, the extraction was not thorough enough. Maybe i was used to people pinching on my face so hard to extract all the black heads and burst the pimples :P

Hubby's shaver and new toothbrush, baby's new milk bottles :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my first encounter with KL Ikea

We did go to Ikea in the end. I know there is nothing to shout about but still, it was a smooth trip and i've been wanting to go there too since i went to the one in Spore. We only decided to go at 10pm on Friday night and started packing at around 11pm. Initially, we were going to postponed the trip to Raya holiday. But, i will be 7-month pregnant at time, and i dun think i want to go travel during that period. And i will be too heavy to move around in Ikea. So, on Saturday, we started our journey at 7.15am from Bworth and we reached Ikea parking lot at 10.38am. Early huh? Hubby sped all the way there at 120-140km/h only. So it took us about 3hours to reach there.

I was amazed on how big the building is. It's definitely bigger than the one in Spore. We grabbed a trolley and a magazine and start our tour inside Ikea. About 10mins later, my tummy starterd to growl. And we had to stop to eat. We ordered some meatballs, chicken frank, salmon & drinks. Too bad i cannot take coffee now, i would love to sit and enjoy the unlimited refill at RM3 only. So cheap huh.

Then we continued our tour. I was telling hubby everything is so expensive and the most is just window shopping. I was so wrong. Hubby saw a Poang chair and wanted to just bring it home right away. Siao ler. Our house is not that big and yet he wants to buy more furniture to crowd the living room. Since, he wanted it soooooo badly, fine, we'll be getting the red Poang chair only.

*pic taken from Ikea magazine

We came to Kid's section and saw a nice & simple babycot and some other baby stuff. Hubby, once again, got tempted and wanted to get the babycot to place in our room. Unfortunately, it was sold out and they will only replenish the stock by Dec. We came too early. Everything is nice in Ikea. We wish to bring back so many things and fortunately, our car is just too small *phew*

*pic taken from Ikea magazine

So we ended up buying a set of baby mattress, comforter, bedsheet & pillow, without the cot. It was not very cheap but still affordable. Afterall, the daddy-to-be wants to get something for his junior. How can i say no? :P

Come to think of it, we didn't buy much from Ikea, but our bill totaled up to RM600+. Hubby said that we were already very careful with our spending as his frens often spend thousands in Ikea. Gila or not? But i think if we have taken my parent's Avanza to Ikea, hubby will surely sapu more things. He was so obsessed with the things sold in Ikea. Believe it or not, we actually spent 6 hours plus in Ikea and i was not even tired. Before we left Ikea, we managed to grab some food from the Exit Cafe. Curry puff & hotdog bun & unlimited drink refill. Syiok only. It was a happy day for the both of us =)

We left Ikea to our friend's wedding dinner at 5pm. So basically, we only went to KL to shop at Ikea. While in the car on the way to Batu Gajah, hubby said "Shall we organize another trip here during Raya holiday?" I fainted...all the way to BG.

expanding tummy

The skin of my tummy is like going to explode anytime now. It's expanding, it's tight, it's itchy. My belly button is disappearing soon. Some say the belly button will protude, but mine is hidden inside. I have no idea why people kept telling me they cannot see my tummy yet. Blind izzit? :P

Thursday, November 8, 2007

still waiting

I'm trying to get a software installed in hubby's notebook so that i can continue to work online. It's slowing down everything i do so might as well grab a few opps and start writing while waiting. I guess i won't be sleeping early tonight since both of us slept from 2-6pm just now, right after the hotel stay. Didn't get much sleep last night as we were disturbed by a few symphonies throughout the night. Real torture for the both of us.

Monday, November 5, 2007

words vs in person

I know CW & Zoe-T as we're from the same workplace. They then introduced me to Blooming Tree which then i got to know a few other friends: Moomookun & Sasi. I've met Blooming Tree and Moomookun in person but have yet to meet Sasi. Well, i have a few online friends and one of them is Kage, whom i've known since 2003 but we have never met each other. As for me, i would like to keep it that way, not meeting up. Cos i communicate better thru words than meeting face-to-face. Otherwise, this is what happen:

Me : Hello?
Bloomin Tree: Hello, it's me Blooming Tree.
Me : Hi, this is Our Journey.