Monday, July 23, 2007

Annalakshmi Temple of Fine Arts, Penang

Last Saturday i had the chance to follow parents for FREE vegetarian food at Annalakshmi Temple of Fine Arts. It's situated at 1 Babington Avenue, somewhere near the prison and operated by a group of indian volunteers. Cannot deny that the place is well maintained and very clean unlike some other restaurants. You need to take off your shoes before entering the patio-like makan place with nice garden & good lighting. The meal is buffet-like, which means you can help yourself with several rounds including drinks like mango lassi. Variety curry, roti naan, pasembur & desserts. Mum went there several times during lunch but the food is better during dinner according to her, especially on Friday & Saturday. There is no menu & price list, and you pay from your heart, as much as you want by the end of the meal. If you cannot afford to donate after the meal, they're also okay with it since the initial plan is to cater for homeless & poor people. We did enjoy the food, however i have difficulty in finishing the mango lassi. Too thick and sweet. The staff are very friendly, that's for sure. Go and try the food if you have the chance. Remember, donate generously by the end of the meal :)

Open Hours: 11:30a-2:30p & 6p-9:30p Th-Tu
Open Hours: 6.30p-9p Fri-Sat

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