Thursday, July 26, 2007

stay strong

Being half sick now, i have yet to visit my ah kong in the hospital after he was admitted. Sis told me there are a few pipes attached to his body, one to his lungs, one thru his nose & another for him to urine. He cannot eat solid food yet, so the doc gave him drip. I imagine the sight of my ah kong & it must be a real pitiful sight. Just imagine, once upon a time ago, he could still send me to my kindy on his bike. When i threw tantrum, he would fetch me to the grocery shop to get some bubble gums, on his bike. But now, he is so weak & i'm not sure whether he is in pain or not. I pray that his suffering would end soon without the chemo treatment as suggested by the doc. May he leaves us peaceful without any pain or suffering.

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