Thursday, July 5, 2007

my ah kong & ah ma

My almost 90-yr-old paternal ah kong suddenly remembered the names of his son-in-laws & daughters now. Not only that, he also remembers who used to be his neighbour in Guar Chempedak. Is time for him to bid good-bye to us? 2 years ago, ah ma left us suddenly, 3 days after we celebrated her 74th bday or was it 75th? Not too sure. I only remembered her age when she was 63. It was on Tues morning where mum called us to inform us of her death and that dad was fetching her from KL to be buried in SP, just as she wished. It was the first death in our family. My ah kong went senile after the funeral partly cos he has lost direction in his life. Ah ma used to do everything for him when she was alive. A few months before ah ma died, ah kong was very ill and he forgot everybody and kept saying nonsense thing like the dead were at the front gate. At that time, we thought he was going to leave us already. So ah ma wanted to buy a space for burial for both of them. However, he got better & now we know that whatever ah ma had prepared for him, she was the first to use it. Sad huh? Nobdy could accept her death including ah kong. He was crying non-stop while looking at ah ma in the coffin on the day of her burial. True love never dies.

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