Wednesday, July 25, 2007

grandpa's health

My grandpa was admitted into the hospital on Tues due to lungs problem. It was not something new or suprising as two years ago, he was being diagnosed to have lung cancer. Doctor suggested to perform operation for grandpa but dad objected as he was already 80yrs old then. Now at the age of 88, despite having 3rd stage lung cancer, he is still very strong but with weak legs. He acts like a child all the time, like refusing to eat and bathe all the times. Yesterday, the nurses from the hospital called my dad saying that grandpa was hitting everybody who wanted touched him. So the nurses had to tied up his hands to prevent all the hitting. He does karate with the maid at home too when she forced him to eat or drink. Dad says his condition is stable but critical now. We should all be prepared for the worst.

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