Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ipoh here i come

I'm going to watch Summer Concert in Ipoh this coming 11 August. Anybody care to join me? You must be thinking what the hell i'm thinking to go all the way to Ipoh to watch a concert at Padang Ipoh. It will be so crowded & hot & you cannot see anything if you get there too late. Might as well spend the time sitting in front of the tv watching live telecast, rite? Unfortunately, i have to become 24-7 sis to my youngest sis. Mum didn't allow her to go to the concert with her coursemates whom are mostly boys since she is in engineering course. Cannot blame mum partly cos she is paranoid of letting sis follow a group of boys to places far from Penang. Yup, Ipoh is consider far. So i have to save the world by offering to drive her all the way there and back. How nice to have a sis like, don't you agree? ;)

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