Monday, October 12, 2009

worst nightmare

Yesterday night, i had the worst dream ever.

Khye and i were walking on the road when we were caught in a gun battle between robbers and cops. I have no idea where the gun men were and have absolutely no idea why i didn't even protect khye. When everything stopped, i was unhurt but khye was brutally shot in his legs, chest, and arms!!! Somebody had just shot my 20-mth old baby!! He looked half conscious but didn't make any noise. I guessed he was in too much pain to show any reaction. I screamed and carried him before running all the way to the hospital. All i could remember when i reached hospital was, i was shouting "Doctor! Doctor! Emergency!" I put khye down on the stretcher and asked the doc to take good care of my one and only baby. Then, i jolted up from my sleep. I could feel the feeling of emptiness, the feeling like i just lost a child, and i cried. Leaning over to khye's baby cot to find him sleeping peacefully...... and very much ALIVE.

Watching too much of CSI & violent shows does have its drawbacks. It's a "zombie-ing" day for me again today.