Sunday, July 1, 2007

Trapped in a chaos at Stadium Negeri Batu Kawan

I just need to blog about how i spent my Saturday night with in-laws & hubby. At almost 7pm, we left the house to take dinner at Ah Yan Seafood at Batu Kawan. The journey was supposed to be 30mins or so. While on the way before turning into NorthSouth Highway, we saw a long jam. Thinking it could be the jam to Autocity for the Malaysia 50years concert celebration, we continued to join the queue until we realised it was actually a very long queue to Tambun toll. That time it was already too late as we passed the turning into Juru Autocity. Hubby continued to drive calmly. On both side of our cars, we saw a lot of Malay guys with green & yellow shirts. Oh my god, there will be a football match in Stadium Negeri Batu Kawan. We're trapped in the jam & it was already 8.30pm+. Fortunately, the jam disappeared when we reached the Tambun toll. Thinking that the worst was over, we continued our journey to the seafood restaurant. Arghhh...that was a very BAD move. Once we turned our car into the road heading to the seafood (and stadium), the jam began again. From a 2-way road, those irresponsible Gila Bola drivers drove like maniacs along the opposite road too. We were trapped like for about an hour & it was already 9pm+. Those Gila Bola idiots around us started to get anxious as the stadium is another 2km away. I was joking with hubby, as long as they dun leave their cars on the street, it wouldn't be a big problem for us.

After that, we saw some vehicles coming towards the opposite lane where some idiots just dun want to budge their vehicles to make way. All of a sudden, the car in front of us, swerved in front of the bus coming from opposite direction, parked his damn car, locked & walked to join the crowd who were on the way to the stadium.

This was not the worse part. Suddenly, everybody started to get off from their cars, locked & walked off like nobody's business, including the car right in front of us!! Hubby honked the idiot, but that idiot just made some hand signal and walked off with his skeleton partner. Seeing that, another idiot whose car was on our right did the same thing. In just a few moment, those who were left stranded were people who were heading for dinner & coming back from prayers.

(picture from The Star)

In-laws started to get kin cheong & hungry. I was frustrated and wanted to dial 999. Hubby said no use. Nobody can get us out of there except coppers. So all of us got out from the car, cursing those idiots in green & yellow. Hubby tried to call his fren for help, no coverage. Double dang. Finally after a few tries, he managed to reach his frens & to borrow a car from his fren for bro-in-law to fetch in-laws to eat & home. I volunteered to stay with the car in case they find a way out. No worries as there were so many people with me. Angry people.

While hubby was away, i was having fun talking to the angry people including a malay lady from perlis & a group of indians who were on their way to visit their parents. The indian lady called 999 thrice & the operator ensured her that all traffic police were already dispatched to Batu Kawan to resolve the problem. What a joke, we only saw one police officer walking up and down the street finding solution. The funny thing was, the police officer showed up and asked us where were all the drivers, AFTER the idiots stranded their cars. THen he wanted to summon 2 cars who were blocking the way, in fact there were more than 50+ cars down the road. Funny isn't it? We started throwing him questions after he said that, they underestimated the crowd. Stadium’s capacity is 37,000 but more than 50,000 people turned up. Bullshit! How are they going to continue with the 2nd Link to Penang if they underestimated the congestion now?

Finally, the same police officer told us there was another escape route thru the palm oil estate to Simpang Ampat. Usual day, we would definitely dismiss the idea of going along the small alley with no lights. But everybody jumped into their own cars & started to divert to the small alley to escape. Luckily hubby ran back just in time & off we drove to escape the stupid jam. What a good experience! We escaped the jam at 11pm+. But i pity those innocent drivers who only managed to get out from the jam at 5am!!!

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