Thursday, May 29, 2008


I had an odd dream last night. My family and I were waiting for lift inside a building which was not familiar to me. When the lift door opened a man walked out holding a portable polystyrene cutter. He instructed us to remove our belongings and put into his bag. Okay, so he’s using the cutter as a weapon to rob us. Some of us refused to hand over our money & what he did was to place the cutter against our legs & arms leaving nice clean cuts. Ouch!! Afraid of getting the same fate, I reluctantly hand over the only RM50 note in my pocket. Yet, he still placed the hot cutter on my thighs!! Hot and burning, my thighs bleed. That’s when i woke up. I checked on my thighs, no cut, no burnt mark. Was still shaking before realizing it was just a dream. Who would imagine being robbed by someone who used a portable polystyrene cutter? I think that only happens in dream.