Monday, December 10, 2007

early bird

I'm super early today. Woke up at 5.30am since hubby wanted me to fetch him to the airport rather than taking a cab. So before we went to sleep at 10pm last night, we on 2 alarms in case one is malfunction. It did happen before though. Reached airport at 6.30pm, dropped him and here i am now sitting in my cubicle, 50% blur and typing out this post :p

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

pig knuckles

Last night, while waiting for hubby to take his bath, i took another pic of my swollen legs. People say that legs are only swollen when your near due date. My EDD is next year, still long long way to go. I think for my case, i am too heavy for my feet. So much water retention.

hello tummy

I was not allowed to be "seen" when the groom came to meet the bride during my sis' wedding last Saturday. Was bored staying inside the room while everybody laughing so happily in the hall. So i took pics of my tummy. The pic is not very clear huh, but that's the best i can take.

25th week