Thursday, April 26, 2007

not a sponsored post :)

For those of you who wants to earn more thru blogging, i personally think that PayPerPost is the best. Unfortunately, this blog is only 1 month old.

For those who wants to register PayPerPost, you need to have an active blog with minimum of 20posts for the past 90days. And the majority of those posts may not be in one solid month. Happy blogging :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

food or shopping voucher?

I'm not sure whether to exchange my Citibank credit card points with food voucher, shopping voucher or a digital weighing scale.

Food voucher : Coffee Bean (my fave), Haagen Danz, Dome, Genki Sushi, TGIF
Shopping voucher : Watson's, Guardian

I wanted to get a shaver for him, but he didn't want that model. Have one weighing machine at home, but i'd like to have a digital one. At the same time, i couldn't resist food.

Monday, April 23, 2007

blogs that i have

here is a list of blogs also owned by me:

Our Journey - Stories of me & my family.

Life at Work - Posts that i write whenever i'm bored or stressed at work.

Monday, April 16, 2007


For those who are looking for opportunity to be paid to blog, you may link up to this : Blogsvertise. Another great chance to earn while blogging.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

ikea's meatballs

Haih, getting bored on Monday & it's drizzling outside. I'm waiting for my blogs to be approved in a few get paid to blog websites. So tired of waiting and am getting so sleepy now. Saw another blogger's review on ikea's meatballs...yummy. Looks so delicious, makes me thinking of good old days in Spore where i had my first ikea's meatballs.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Google Adsense

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another 5 mins more and it's time for my nescafe :D The only time at work: 9.45am & 12.30pm. You'll not find me anywhere around my cubicle at these time. I do not "snake" around very often, unless i really have nothing better to do at all. During my second year of work, i found it rather difficult to pass time. I just needed to work for 2hours a day and would be free for the rest of the day for one whole year. Life was absolutely boring for me back then. Going to work = going to free cybercafe everyday :P

jam jam jam

Traffic was crawling when we reached middle of the bridge. As usual, hubby showed his F1 driving skill again which i dare not follow. A few years back i was hit by a gigantic lorry on the way to work and the damage was really bad but aunt didn't ask me to compensate for the repair *phew*. My driving skill deterioriate eversince that day. Eyes could barely open since we stayed awake to watch CSI last night. I dunno why but i just love CSI & the गद्गेट्स they invested in the making of the movie.

Sis just told me, her hubby too got stuck in the massive penang bridge jam now.


In-laws didn't come last night & no phone calls too, i wonder why. Hehehe...i had the whole tv to myself and got to watch an old ghost movie on Astro. The story is about a little boy accompanied with 4 ghosts and he needs to fulfill each ghost's wish so that they could continue their journey to heaven. It was indeed a touching comedy and also one of my favourite movies. Another one is Ghost, starred by Demi Moore with the soundtrack: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. The last time i watched Ghost was on plane, during our honeymoon :) Thank you for bringing back this 2 movies :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

praised by all

hubby was delighted to hear about masterseek when i told him about the wonders it could do. Now he could proudly publish or even tell his friends about his dad's shop online.

My thought is father-in-law not only would get to advertise the things that he sells, he could also exchange information with those in similar business using masterseek. Believe it or not, masterseek provides services to more than 45 million companies in 75 countries *gasp*. The next step will be franchising his shop worldwide *grinning*

bloggerwave, i like

while taking my break, i stumbled upon random blogs online. i just couldn't imagine how much money they have made just by posting their thoughts online. that's the wonder of internet, news spread faster and all around the world. and why am i so ignorant. but of cos, it's better than never when i discover Bloggerwave.

the beginning

This is one of my many blogs. Just to write things about my life & what's happening. Will keep you all posted.