Sunday, August 19, 2007

he had fought well

Ah kong has finally left us on Sunday around 7am+. Sis gave me a call at 8am on Sunday morning, an hour before we leave for SP to visit ah kong. Little did i realise last 12 Aug would be the final time for me to see ah kong. He was very much alive on that day, although still weak. I started packing after i put down the phone & went over to my in-laws place to ask if there is any pantang larang i should follow since i'm already married. MIL said just be careful and dun talk nonsense during the funeral. After that we shot off to SP to meet my parents. We stopped quite distance from the house & i called mum to inform her i've already arrived. Mum & sis rushed out from the house and got into the car. Hahaha...the water pipe in the house burst and all of them need to go to toilet urgently. So we drove to petrol station and on the way there, mum told us the whole story from when they got the news of ah kong's death to decision on whether to follow Taoist or Buddhist way of funeral. Mum sent me off after i dropped them back to the house.

Went home and did some washing & ironing and tried to sleep but couldn't. Phone ringning non-stop. Sis called to check the time we're leaving at night. Aunt called to inform that i shouldn't be the first to reach the funeral place. So we finally reached SP again at 8pm and stayed until 10pm following the curfew set by mil :p It's for my own good too :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

cantonese series

Right after dinner, my family & i spent our night watching Heart Of Greed, 6 episodes in a row. Sis brought back the DVD from her future-in-law's place. At first the show was quite boring and also partly becos i was a bit tired from marching earlier + waiting the part where the 2 wives fight for the abalone business but i guess it's too early. Anyway, the show only started to get a bit exciting at the end of episode 6, end of first DVD...damn. Have to copy the rest of the show from ah kim then.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

let's welcome Hungry Ghost Festival

Mil told me that the lady staying behind their shop was in coma after she collided with a gigantic lorry. Nobody banged anybody in the accident. The lady just put on her jacket like normal before riding on her motorbike. When she tried to overtake a lorry, part of her jacket got caught by the lorry where she lost control and felt off her bike. She went into coma right away, that was on Saturday. On Monday, she died without waking up from her coma, on the first day of Hungry Ghost Festival. On the same day, a bus went into a ravine killing 20 people including an unborn child. Geli or not???

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

GH, is it reliable?

Have you all seen the news on The Star today? A poor baby is going to lose her arm due to the carelessness of the hospital staff.
pic from The Star

I know what it's like to be poked by a needle near your finger knuckles. At first, it's pain, then your palm go numb then the pain comes back. Extremely painful compared to having usual jab on your arm. Now, imagine how the premature baby feel. It's so cruel to have her arm amputated due to the mistake made by a professional staff. No matter how much compensation given by the hospital, it will not bring back her hand. Can we still trust GH?

ah kong feels better

Dad says ah kong is getting better when they visited him yesterday. Is it a good sign or a bad one? People say, if a sick person gets well suddenly, it's a sign that he will be leaving soon. But my ah kong is not fully recovered yet. Mum says that the hospital is charging them very expensive on gloves, face masks & aprons. RM32 per box of gloves, RM4 per piece of apron & RMXX per box of face masks. What to do, ah kong must be fed every 3 hours by 2 nurses. Do the calculation yourself. The siblings have decided to get all those from outside which might be cheaper but yet to find out. Hopefully the hospital staff will not waste the things bought.