Thursday, July 5, 2007

International Musical Fireworks Competition in Aug

Fireworks & fire crackers are banned during all the festive seasons such as CNY & Deepavali. Anybody who is found guilty will be fined RM100. This year CNY was very quiet in my neighborhood. Nobody dare to play with fireworks due to the warning. Even on the 9th day of CNY, where Chinese will pray to the Heavenly God, there was no sign of fireworks anywhere. Sad isn't it?

But in today's papers, Malaysia will be the host the biggest International Musical Fireworks Competition in the world in conjunction with the country’s 50th national day celebration. There will be musical fireworks too. Malaysian fireworks team will compete with Italian fireworks team. How contradict! We’re not allowed to touch fireworks on festive season, but now they are holding international fireworks competition.

I wonder are there any fireworks during Bon Ondori??

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