Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wake up

My father-in-law's bad habit is he always going against what other people say. If you state a fact, he will go "how can?". Hey, it's so irritating whenever he does that. As if he is the smartest person on earth and Mr.Know-It-All. Whatever you say, he will go "how can?" How irritating!! The world has changed. It does not matter whether you've eaten more salt than us.

"hah? hamik?"

My dad has this bad habit of saying "Hah? Hamik?" whenever people talk to him. It's not that he couldn't hear what we say. He just has to "Hah? Hamik?" each time we end our sentence. And also he also loves to repeat people's question to him. Sometimes, we just very beh tahan with him but he's still our dad.

lack of blood

My blood pressure has gone down and that explains why i'm having this on and off headache. And i thought it was due to lack of sleep. Mum says i need to consume more pig liver but will it affect my milk production after labor? Maybe i should just continue eating pig liver until i'm 7 months pregnant.

Monday, October 29, 2007

my blog is promoted

My blogs have higher rank now.

This blog is ranked Rank 1 yesterday. My other blog, Life At Work, was ranked 3 too on the same day. I wonder what happens to my other blogs. Is ranking going to stay, decrease or increase? I dun even bother, as long as i get lots and lots of opps.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

char kuey kak ah, char kuey kakkkk

Just finished a box of char kuey kak at my cubicle. It was a bit oily but i was hungry, who bothers. Last week, hubby dropped at the market to ta pao breakfast for the 2 of us. At first i wanted to ta pao wantan mee for both. But then my nose caught a nicer smell and it came from char kuey kak stall right opposite the wantan mee stall. Was debating whether to pack wantan mee or kuey kak for myself. I just ate kuey kak the day before. In the end, wantan mee lost. I just couldn't resist char kuey kak :P

my first cheque from Advertlets

My first cheque from Advertlet came 2 weeks ago but cos we were not at home, i only managed to get the cheque from Pos Laju office during raya break a week ago. I was so eager to encash the RM101 cheque that i forgot to take a picture of it first. Silly me. Anyway, i still have the envelope as a proof that i REALLY received a cheque from Advertlets.

Add RM10 and i get to go to Rasa Sayang buffet dinner (RM111 per pax on weekdays with 20% off for Citibank holder) =P

tornado in tummy

I hurt my gum while brushing my teeth this morning. The bleeding stopped but my whole mouth sore now. There goes my appetite for today. No big deal as i do not feel like eating much today. My tummy is not feeling well again but luckily it's not gassy tummy today. Could it becos of the bak kut teh i had last night?

my pitiful ah kong

I went over to mum's place for dinner while waiting for hubby to complete his work. After waiting for him to finish his dinner, mum suggested we pay ah kong a visit cos he fell down from his bike and quite serious. The moment i saw ah kong's hand bandaged and a few bruises and cut on his fingers, knee and toes, i felt sick. I just couldn't stand the sight like that. Skin came out from his left arm, swollen fingers and palm, bruised legs... i feel his pain.

Monday, October 22, 2007

dun worry, it's just your daddy

Lim Goh Tong has passed away, our Msian 1st "astronaut" has returned to tanahair and i'm sleepy.

Every commented that my tummy is still very small and i wonder why it's still so. I have 2 maternity blouses that i've been keeping so that i can wear them at the right time but they always seem too big on me. I hope my pregnancy is normal. My baby is moving actively in my tummy lately, especially when hubby on the hair dryer. Like last night, i was lying on the bed preparing to sleep while hubby was blowing his hair dry right beside our bed. The baby was squirming so hard in my tummy that i can see bulge on my tummy. Nice view but it didn't stop even after hubby turned off the hair dryer. The sound must have startled the baby from its good night sleeps. Poor baby, the ticklish feeling only subsided after i rubbed my tummy in a circular manner.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

under lazy spell

It's a good thing to have friends around, especially when you need people to trigger you when to write paid posts. Thanks for CW, i've managed to grab a few opps this month. I'm still in holiday mood and not wanting to update my blog yet. But who would say no to $$?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

and i thought it was about dead rat

Today something terrible had happened in our office area. As much as i would like to know what it was all about, but all i got were few jigsaw puzzles which i need to assemble myself. Everybody knows bits of everything but we can't jump into conclusion just like that. I think it's a big big case now. Even the uniform people are in here. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

i just ate a bowl of tomyam, so what

It's a hot hot day and headache returns. I didn't bother much about that as i've just satisfied my crave for a bowl of hot tomyam. People say we, pregnant ladies cannot take sour food during pregnancy but what to do, i was craving for it so much. I'll just have to pray that i dun get any severe tummy ache later and everything will be okay. Afterall, this is my first bowl of tomyam in 5 months. Nothing is going to happen rite?

say NO to hair chemical

I just had my hair trimmed yesterday. The hairstylist was trying to convince me to do rebonding and recoloring to my semi-damaged hair but of cos i refused. What if the chemical flows into my body and affects my baby. She ensures me that it will not happen and even docs would allow it. How sure she is? Nothing will make me change my mind to do anything to my hair now except for trimming it shorter. I just need to be patient for about 4.5months more.

Monday, October 8, 2007

i need a make over

When my hair was long, i envied people with short hair. So i trimmed my hair shorter. Now when i see people with long silky hair, i regretted why did i cut my hair in the first place. Hard to please myself. I want to dye it to dark brown, unfortunately, no dye is allowed at this stage with the fear that it may affect my baby. Better to prevent than to be sorry mah. So i have to deal with messy hairstyle with 50% faded color now. I look messy with my hairstyle & my getting rounder body. Maybe a new haircut will save the day? I'm so determined to get back in shape after giving birth.

Monday, October 1, 2007

home-made chinese burger

This morning, i woke up with the intention to fry rice for hubby & i. But the moment i stepped into the kitchen, i changed my mind. I haven't done any preparation the night before. If i were to chop the garlic & onion now, it's going to take a very long time & i'll need to take another bath before i go to office. So in the end, i stir-fry the marinated meat and put them into slices of bread. Chinese burger :D They taste good, maybe i should call up mum to ask her to marinate more meat for me :D

what did i dream

My eyes are so very heavy today. Not that i slept late last night, it was our usual time to bed. Hubby said i was tossing around on bed last night but i couldn't remember a thing from my dream. I even mumbled in my sleep according to him. No wonder i'm so tired today. I'm still trying to remember what i dreamt last night. Impossible.