Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I went to cari pasal with my sis just now. Not trying to show power or create trouble or due to jealousy. I just cannot stand it when she does thing without informing us before hand. Not that we want to control her or anything. But she is practicing double standard & that's very OBVIOUS. I'm not the only one who commented on this. She only listens to one person & even if you try to tell her stuff, she already shut her mind off, just like mum.

Yesterday, we all decided to go for dinner before her bf said he had to leave. In just a blink of an eye, she was also in his car too. So off they went to who knows where. When it was almost dinner time, she sms-ed us saying she wouldn't join us for dinner. I, of cos got irritated & demanded for an answer. His mum cooked. Hey, we organized dinner first before she jumped into his car and now she told me that they've already planned to have dinner with his mum earlier?!?!! And cos she dun want to splash cold water, so she sms-ed us at the very last minute. What a stupid reason! So you tell me, am i being bossy or she being secretive with her action? And this is not the only thing she does. Better still, both of them didn't even mention about his mum cooking in the first place when mum asked how come he is leaving so soon........

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