Tuesday, June 19, 2007

siew ba chang

It's dumpling festival now. MIL made 40+ bachang and i guess she is going to distribute most of them to her friends. Before that, she reserved 8 ba chang for my mum too since mum praised her bachang last 2 years. I love bachang a lot but not those with fatty meat. Last Sunday, AEC channel showed a show hosted by Jason where he intros good food all over Msia. This week, he intro-ed a RM198 bachang with expensive ingredients such as scallops, abalone, sharkfins and all other expensive stuff. I wonder how nice will it be and who is going to spend RM198 for a bachang. It's such a waste to put all those expensive ingredients in a bachang. Should boil them in soup or cook them in porridge :P

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