Thursday, June 21, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon (Half) - Part 1

Part 1
Believe it or not, i'm participating in Penang Bridge Marathon. I cannot believe it myself.

Hubby and i are participating in Half Marathon (Starting from Sek. Keb. Sg. Gelugor, on the Penang Bridge , u - turn Prai Toll Plaza , on the Penang Bridge and finishing at USM). He didn't tell me there are a few categories like full-marathon, a half-marathon, a quarter-marathon and a Fun Run. I would have opt for quarter-marathon or Fun Run !@%$#%$#!!!!! He said Fun Run are for kids not for sportsman like him. Ceh, i'm dun have enough stamina cannot ar? 22.3km, dun play play. I wonder will i be able to complete the marathon or will i be fetched away from the bridge by bus at 9am :P

Have to register by 3am, which means i have to wake up at 2am on Sunday morning. Which also means no need to sleep on Saturday night. Can die already.

wake up 2am on sunday morning = zombie on Monday :(

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