Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon - Part 2

Part 2
We stayed overnight as mum's place a night before the Penang Bridge marathon since we needed to wake up very early. Went to sleep at 10pm but it was so noisy cos the people nearby set up a stage show in conjunction with an ang kong's bday. So noisy we had to force ourselves to sleep. By the time the alarm went off at 2.30am, it was like i didn't sleep at all. Mum prepared breakfast & chicken essence for both of us. We took off on bike at 3am. Took a very big round due to roadblocks & traffic jams all over. Finally managed to find a parking space right in front of the traffic lights near E-Park, so far.

Hubby went to join his categories, while i walked alone to register at the school opposite. A few days before that, he asked me whether i need to find a companion or not, i said no. It's much easier to walk alone than to wait for other people. While waiting in the school compound, i made friends with 3 aunties from Ipoh. Two of them are in early 40s while the other one is 60+. 2 of them trained themselves by jogging 6-10km, 4 times a week. The 60-yr-old auntie had a record of completing the bridge around 3hours++. They asked me back how long did i train. Die lor. I lied to them by saying 4km for a few days in one week. I'm going to hell. In fact, all i did was, jogged 4 km on 4 separate days, THAT'S ALL! The aunties were shocked, they asked me how am i going to complete the marathon without more training. My face went pale. My face went paler when i saw the large group of guys outside the school. After the guys were gone, the guards let us out from the school. I met up with a Malay lady from my company. I asked her how's her training, she replied 2hours everyday. Heart was pounding very hard after hearing her statement. Did i complete the marathon, you may ask.

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