Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my first encounter with KL Ikea

We did go to Ikea in the end. I know there is nothing to shout about but still, it was a smooth trip and i've been wanting to go there too since i went to the one in Spore. We only decided to go at 10pm on Friday night and started packing at around 11pm. Initially, we were going to postponed the trip to Raya holiday. But, i will be 7-month pregnant at time, and i dun think i want to go travel during that period. And i will be too heavy to move around in Ikea. So, on Saturday, we started our journey at 7.15am from Bworth and we reached Ikea parking lot at 10.38am. Early huh? Hubby sped all the way there at 120-140km/h only. So it took us about 3hours to reach there.

I was amazed on how big the building is. It's definitely bigger than the one in Spore. We grabbed a trolley and a magazine and start our tour inside Ikea. About 10mins later, my tummy starterd to growl. And we had to stop to eat. We ordered some meatballs, chicken frank, salmon & drinks. Too bad i cannot take coffee now, i would love to sit and enjoy the unlimited refill at RM3 only. So cheap huh.

Then we continued our tour. I was telling hubby everything is so expensive and the most is just window shopping. I was so wrong. Hubby saw a Poang chair and wanted to just bring it home right away. Siao ler. Our house is not that big and yet he wants to buy more furniture to crowd the living room. Since, he wanted it soooooo badly, fine, we'll be getting the red Poang chair only.

*pic taken from Ikea magazine

We came to Kid's section and saw a nice & simple babycot and some other baby stuff. Hubby, once again, got tempted and wanted to get the babycot to place in our room. Unfortunately, it was sold out and they will only replenish the stock by Dec. We came too early. Everything is nice in Ikea. We wish to bring back so many things and fortunately, our car is just too small *phew*

*pic taken from Ikea magazine

So we ended up buying a set of baby mattress, comforter, bedsheet & pillow, without the cot. It was not very cheap but still affordable. Afterall, the daddy-to-be wants to get something for his junior. How can i say no? :P

Come to think of it, we didn't buy much from Ikea, but our bill totaled up to RM600+. Hubby said that we were already very careful with our spending as his frens often spend thousands in Ikea. Gila or not? But i think if we have taken my parent's Avanza to Ikea, hubby will surely sapu more things. He was so obsessed with the things sold in Ikea. Believe it or not, we actually spent 6 hours plus in Ikea and i was not even tired. Before we left Ikea, we managed to grab some food from the Exit Cafe. Curry puff & hotdog bun & unlimited drink refill. Syiok only. It was a happy day for the both of us =)

We left Ikea to our friend's wedding dinner at 5pm. So basically, we only went to KL to shop at Ikea. While in the car on the way to Batu Gajah, hubby said "Shall we organize another trip here during Raya holiday?" I fainted...all the way to BG.


Dan said...

2 person went but ordered 3 plates.

sy said...

meatballs were mine but i was afraid not enough =P