Monday, November 5, 2007

words vs in person

I know CW & Zoe-T as we're from the same workplace. They then introduced me to Blooming Tree which then i got to know a few other friends: Moomookun & Sasi. I've met Blooming Tree and Moomookun in person but have yet to meet Sasi. Well, i have a few online friends and one of them is Kage, whom i've known since 2003 but we have never met each other. As for me, i would like to keep it that way, not meeting up. Cos i communicate better thru words than meeting face-to-face. Otherwise, this is what happen:

Me : Hello?
Bloomin Tree: Hello, it's me Blooming Tree.
Me : Hi, this is Our Journey.



Dan said...

Excuse me, you need do some corrections.

zoe-t, both "z" and "t" need to be in small letters.

Anyway, that conversation did happen... so that part I got no comment.

sy said...

such a perfectionist.

zoe-t said...

opSsss...That's becoz I did that to him, I asked him to make it all lower case for the link on his blooming tree. Hehe..

sy said...

okay lar, will keep that in mind :)