Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i'm confused

We're 2 weeks away from our family trip (my side) to Bangkok. I just booked the hotel rooms yesterday & transportation today. Unfortunately, when i clicked send button after entering all my particulars including my credit card number, it showed me network error. Stupid!! So had to send a mail to the agent to confirm. Not sure it went thru or not. If not THB2200 terbang.

I asked sisters what is the plan on how to get to airport since it's a working day & almost all of us will be going. So who is going to fetch us. 3rd sis said that her bf's sis will be fetching 3 of them to airport while i will be driving back from work to fetch parents & youngest sis. I told her a better suggestion. Since aunt volunteered to fetch us, i follow her car back & she just drop me at mum's apt. So dad can drive his Avanza & fetch us all to factory to fetch the rest including hubby, so after dropping us all at the airport, hubby can drive the car back to factory & park there for 4days. Manatau...parents dun want their car to be exposed to rain & sun. *terus pengsan*

They never can accept my idea & i have no idea why. If dun want aunt to fetch us, then i can drive hubby's car to mum's apt & then dad still drives his avanza and the plan still follows.
Their plan is sis's future sis-in-law to fetch a few rounds? Or ask aunt to purposely go home and fetch them to airport. I just cannot understand them.

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