Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it starts with an "O"

Last Sunday, hubby left me for my facial at Jusco before he went for his badminton practice. The only time i get time off for facial is when Khye's at mum's place. When i passed the atrium, i saw Ogawa was having road show...hmmm...... I was quite proud of myself this time as i didn't sign up for any additional facial program or bought any product at all. Well, i added RM35 for eye massage which i needed badly due to sleep deprivation since 3 weeks ago. Khye is teething and 3 of us were lack of sleep. Terrible. Anyway, i will be on leave tomorrow, to have a whole day of good rest before Khye returns. And also to wait for something that starts with an "O" to arrive =)

Will update again tomorrow ;)

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