Monday, October 22, 2007

dun worry, it's just your daddy

Lim Goh Tong has passed away, our Msian 1st "astronaut" has returned to tanahair and i'm sleepy.

Every commented that my tummy is still very small and i wonder why it's still so. I have 2 maternity blouses that i've been keeping so that i can wear them at the right time but they always seem too big on me. I hope my pregnancy is normal. My baby is moving actively in my tummy lately, especially when hubby on the hair dryer. Like last night, i was lying on the bed preparing to sleep while hubby was blowing his hair dry right beside our bed. The baby was squirming so hard in my tummy that i can see bulge on my tummy. Nice view but it didn't stop even after hubby turned off the hair dryer. The sound must have startled the baby from its good night sleeps. Poor baby, the ticklish feeling only subsided after i rubbed my tummy in a circular manner.

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