Sunday, September 2, 2007

believe it or not

MIL just told us an accident which nearly claim the life of her friend's son. The friend's son was on the way to refill fuel for his motorbike when the accident occurred. While riding along the road at 1am ( i have no idea why he has to refill fuel on the very same day), he encountered with a hideous creature beside the road. So what happened to the son? Of cos he was terrified and ended up knocking into the lamp post on the road divider, causing his lips to tear apart & lost a few teeth. He was then rushed to the hospital & received 5-6 stitches on his mouth. When arrived in the hospital, his mum found him shaking so badly in his bad and kept repeating he saw a hideous creature, very scary. In the end, his parents had to ask remedy from a sifu to help him calm down & he was not allowed to leave the house until the Hungry Ghost Festival is over. Scary isn't it?

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