Wednesday, August 15, 2007

let's welcome Hungry Ghost Festival

Mil told me that the lady staying behind their shop was in coma after she collided with a gigantic lorry. Nobody banged anybody in the accident. The lady just put on her jacket like normal before riding on her motorbike. When she tried to overtake a lorry, part of her jacket got caught by the lorry where she lost control and felt off her bike. She went into coma right away, that was on Saturday. On Monday, she died without waking up from her coma, on the first day of Hungry Ghost Festival. On the same day, a bus went into a ravine killing 20 people including an unborn child. Geli or not???


Anonymous said...

just yesterday, when i was going to visit my late cousin who died in an accident nearby Jawi toll, i found that my neighbour's MIL also died due to old age.

stopped by for greeting.

my cousin, only 26, died after banged into a trailer parked at the roadside. the trailer driver wasnt there , maybe left to find a technician to reopair his trailer's engine.

no triangle signage, no blinking lamp, no cone.

sy said...

oh my god. PLUS people didn't do their job well even though it's so near the toll.