Sunday, May 6, 2007

too young to die

Someone from Low's clan passed away. My ah kong's bro's eldest daughter. She is only a year older than me and was diagnosed with brain tumor about a year plus. At first she was always having migraine then followed by frequent fainting then brain tumor. Her dad is younger than my dad, who is a millionaire, tried so hard to have her cured but failed in the end. It was last Friday, 5am in the morning, my aunt received phone call from ah kong's bro informing that he's taking home his daugther from the hospital since there is nothing the doc could do anymore. She died at 4pm on the very same day. How pitiful. I'm feeling sad for his dad. He was the one carrying his daughter in his hands from one place to another since she was too weak to walk. He was the one who rushed her daughter to the Pg hospital from Gurun at odd hours almost every week. Well, at least now his burden is off but still the wound in his heart will always be there.

Aunt said that my mum cried a lot too during the funeral. Mum is always very emotional when comes to things like this. She cried so much during ah ma's funeral too. Aunt told us, if anything were to happen to anyone of us, mum will go mad. I cannot help but to agree with aunt.

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