Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Mum labeled me as the person who always start a war. She blamed for poisoning sister's brain to go against her. I'm not talking to her anymore, not this time. Already trying hard to remain my cool when i talked to her over the phone with sis. But all she did was shouting and more shouting over the phone. She claimed that i'm just jealous of my sis and that i always like to go against her. That's not true anymore. If she told me that 4 years ago, i'd admit it but not now. Anyway, i didn't raise my voice at all & instead trying to calm her down. Instead she got madder & started accusing me of things that i dun do it anymore. I know she has already shut her mind off when i started the topic. But she is my mum, how could she ask me to jump off the Penang Bridge? Anyway, I took that as a joke. We ended the phone conversation abruptly when she slammed down the phone. It was Mother's Day eve.

It didn't affect me much that day. I could still relate the story to my hubby who stood by me too. So on Mother's Day, hubby & i went to mum's apartment. We were supposed to go for dinner at 7pm. Mum was nowhere to be seen, but of cos i caught her at the shopping complex nearby before we turned into the car park. She only came back around 7pm with dark face, still refused to talk to me. The only person she talked to was sis & dad. I was like transparent to her too. Oh well, mum is my mum. But i was boiling inside when dad told me dun talk about the incident anymore, cos mum was very angry with me. And asked me not to fight with her anymore. Hoh hoh, wait a minute. I didn't start the fight in the first place & i didn't intend to give cold treatment to her. If it was a few years back, i wouldn't have smile when she started to scold me.

Okay, so we all went for dinner. Me dark face, she dark face. It was hell. Boring dinner & no conversation between us. Hubby & i went straight home after dinner. Didn't even want to spend more time in mum's apartment. The atmosphere was tense. I hate it so much.

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